$200.00 per couple for the course

Accredited FOCCUS Facilitators:

Guido J Vogels

Dr Rosina Bendotti
PHD, BApSc, RN, DipEd,
MBus (Curtin), FACN


About Foccus

Foccus highlights a number of critical areas:

  1. Couple Match with regard to:
    • lifestyle expectations
    • friends and interests
    • personality match
    • personal issue
  2. Basic skills with regard to:
    • communication
    • problem solving
  3. Significant marriage issues such as:
    • religion and values
    • parenting
    • extended family
    • sexuality
    • finance

What is the Foccus instrument?

The Foccus instrument consists of 156 non-threatening statements. It was created to deal with current issues and needs in preparing couples for marriage in the 21st century.
Foccus is designed primarily to be a facilitative instrument, raising issues and identifying areas of concern for couples who wish to marry.

Foccus is not a test.

Foccus is not a stable indicator of the status of a relationship. It does however, reflect the couples impression of their relationship at the time they fill out the inventory.

Foccus and the trained facilitator are committed to strict confidentiality.

Each couple will be given a computer graphing of Couple Agreement against the preferred response of the instrument.

A facilitator will then help couples work through their inventory in one or two confidential sessions afterwards.

What does FOCCUS stand for?

F      Facilitating

O     Open

C      Couple

C      Communication

U      Understanding and


Research results show that couples who undertake a FOCCUS marriage course are more likely to “live happily after”

  • 25% of couples call off the engagement
  • 25% of couples delay the marriage to deal with issues raised by the FOCCUS instrument and then marry
  • 25% go into counselling as a couple/individual before marrying

Couples who prepare for marriage by doing a FOCCUS education course are 75% more likely to happily last the distance.