core profile"In each one of us resides two opposing selves. The Universe of love and truth, or GOD created one... and out of Desperation, Pain and Need Fear), we created the other." - Nikki Nemerouf

The workshops will be facilitated by experienced and qualified co- facilitators

The Venue

Subiaco WA

Workshop Dates


April 5 / 6

July 26 / 27

November 22 / 23

Workshop Times

SAT & SUN 9.00 am until 6.00 pm
Tea, coffee and meals will be provided
A debriefing session will also be held and support groups will be offered throughout the year.
The Workshop is non-residential
Cost - $350.00 per person.

To reserve your place in the workshop please forward your $100 non-refundable – but transferable deposit to GUIDO at Access Workshops

6 part scholarships available for Students and people on low incomes as well as 3 month time payment options are offered.

Access Workshops: Training for Individuals, Couples, Families and Corporate Clients

presents a two and a half day workshop on the “Core Profile Paradigm”

By Guido J Vogels

And Dr Rosina Bendotti PHD.

Certified “Core Profile” Trainers

“A weekend which will authentically change your life, and give you the tools to continue your new journey.”
Paul, 38 T.V. Technician

“This workshop enabled me to ‘reconnect’ to myself and my wife. Thank you.”
David, 42yo Lawyer

What You Will Learn From This Workshop

The Core Profiling Process empowers you to regularly access the real, authentic person (that you are) by becoming more keenly aware of the subtleties of your conscious and unconscious fear.  It also enables you to release that fear on a daily basis.

Guido’s Vision for the Workshops

“That they will be enjoyable, educational and a rewarding transformational experience, in an emotionally secure environment for all who attend. This workshop will “transform” your negative core beliefs, and access the “power within” .<

This Workshop Will Allow Each Participant

  1. To get in touch with what triggers you away from experiencing the real person that you are.
  2. To see the Automatic Coping Mechanisms which come into play when you are triggered by something
  3. To understand and challenge your Core Beliefs.
  4. To identify your Core Issue.
  5. To learn how to change negative behaviours and patterns in your life.

Guido J Vogels MSW


Guido is an experienced and talented group leader, educator, relationship counsellor and family therapist with over twenty five years of involvement with human service organisations around Australia. Married to Rosina, Guido has a busy private practice in Attadale. Guido was trained by Nikki Nemerouf, California who is the co-founder of the “Core Profile Paradigm”.